Dispelling the myths

There are many myths and misconceptions about electric vehicles. Let’s delve into some of the most common questions that arise.

So – I just need to get an electric car.

No. Simply substituting one source of energy for another is not enough to solve our global issues. Less energy means less pollution and a more sustainable usage of our dwindling energy resources. Zbee is built from the ground up to be energy efficient. The electric motor is a crucial puzzle piece, but the nimble weight of the vehicle is even more important. Zbee isn’t just another electic car – it’s a new type of vehicle for the 21st century.

But the batteries take forever to charge.

How long does it take to charge your phone? Most people don’t really notice – they plug it in at night and pick it up in the morning. Fully charged and ready for a full day of driving. Also, charging at night is beneficial for the electrical grid, as less power is being consumed. Technically our batteries can be charged in one hour, however currently Zbee is offered with an integrated charger giving just over 2 hours charging time.

But electrical vehicles have limited range.

How often do you truly need extreme range? How often do you go on vacation in your car? The average passenger car is driven less than 40 km (25 miles) per day, and 75 % of the route is even shorter. According to a survey by Nissan, people believe that they drive 40 % further than they actually do. Most cars simply aren’t designed for what we’re actually using them for.

But electrical vehicles are slow. And boring.

Unlike a traditional engine, an electrical motor can reach full power instantly. This means lightning fast acceleration. And sure – the top speed isn’t as high. But how fast are you allowed to go in a city environment anyway?

ongko ujianto
ongko ujianto

Just scroling down and realize that several people asking or demanding something that telling us that they never use electric vehicle.

1. Charging period.

The beauty of electric vehichle is you do not need spend your time to the gas station to charge your EV. Just plug in after you got home at night and use your EV tomorrow morning. isn't beautiful enough? BTW zbee said that they only need one hour for full charge? your should be sleeping more than one hour a day for sure...

2. Portable batt.

Zbee battery must be to heavy to be portable... just use long cord :-)

you want portable battery? use electric bike... my ebike only need 0.48 kwh for 50km of range..

it's enough to travel a single person around... 

3. TOP speed and stability in high speed...

Just buy tesla... if you can afford it of course.

The big different between buying EV and gasoline drinker vehicle is you should think like investing your money when you consider to buy EV. EV is more expensive than gasoline vehicle. but in 5 years.. your total spending (including the vehicle price) could be 50% less if you use EV than gasoline one. for example my ebike battery (lifepo4) could last for 6 years of usage before it's capacity become 80% (loss 20% of it's capacity).

I also have electric motor cycle, and after 7 years of using the parts that ever need to be replace is only it's body part, tires, brake pads and battery. And i never have to spend my time to he workshop as my mounthly routine... just clean up the vehichle and it's always ready to run...

Hope more and more people using EV. 

BTW the member of our EV community at FB has reach 3000 people... of course most of us could only afford electric bike or electric motorcyle. Only several of us already own DIY electric car.

just search for "KOSMIK" komunitas sepeda dan motor listrik at Facebook to visit and join our EV user community.

Hope we could make a greener world for our children.

ongko ujianto
ongko ujianto

I like the way you explaination about how our daily commuter range. I, my self prever to use electric bike for my 40 km daily transport in jakarta "crazy" traffic. While I also own a gasoline car which I use if I need to travel long distance or need to bring my family (a wife and 2 kid).

Actually whats missing in my transportation mode is something like Zbee. 3 wheels is easy to beat narrow street or crazy traffic jam, while i will also be able to bring my family without using my gasoline car for short distance travel.

Hope you'll sell zbee for public soon in Jakarta, and make the city greener... :-)

By the way is there possible for me and my electric bike community to test drive Zbee ? I've seen zbee at IKEA alam sutra but have no idea how we would be able to test it.



CM should create a 4-wheeler at a size of Mr.Bean's Morris (around 2 m x 1 m). This will improve the stability when turning at high speed, and also perfect for the REAL City Car spec (mini size, thus need only small space for garage/parking lot/road (= reducing traffic jam caused by hulk-size cars driven by idiotic people in the cramped city streets/roads), mini enough for 2 people plus additional small cargo bay as necessary for weekly/monthly shopping). The electric motor used is already perfect for this city car, since this won't waste energy (zero energy used when idle which is its unique trait) in daily traffic jams compared to ICE that waste fuel at idle in the traffic jam. Even the very Env-Friendly ICE motors can't beat the electric motor advantage for clean air preservation and energy efficiency.

Second, CM should create a portable quick charger and easily-swappable batteries, just in case the user need to swap battery easily either when to replace broken battery in emergency or when the 'in-use' one is empty, since careful people tends to prepare reserve batteries to save their life/time in emergency event. The quick-charger should not be too hard to manufacture since by using quick battery discharge method on separate charging port user can use this quick charger like a 'power pack module' they use on cell phones for quick-charging, and moreover this item will be sold like hell when available on market.

Summary for what most electric vehicles lack of and need to be addressed today:

1. Portable & Easily-Swappable Batteries for reserve battery use in emergency situation.

2. Quick-Charging Battery Pack/Module for quick-charging the car battery(-ies).

To kill those pollutive ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles we need electric vehicles that don't suffer from what ICE vehicles don't lack of (namely: almost no wait for a fuel 'recharge', and reserve fuel in separate tanks or jerrycans) - these two are the most important/key issues that almost 'forgotten' by this electric vehicles industry but complained by many possible candidate user of electric vehicles that want to buy it today (besides 'why sell it too pricey if it's the real solution for our clean future? Why don't give it some incentives so people will actually switch their space-hogging air-pollutive cars for space-saving electric ones?').

Regards from Indonesia All-Electric Vehicles & Cities prime advocator & activist.


Clean Motion must create portable batteries. Portable batteries are charged at home or Office. The emerging countries are potential customers. From there people live in apartments the majority. Also parking lots do not have many plugs.

personal injury
personal injury

Air pollution is the introduction into the atmosphere of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause discomfort, disease, or death to humans, damage other living organisms such as food crops, or damage the natural environment or built environment.


In any case something i´ve been waiting for, a real electrical vehicle for real needs!

A fantastic low-cost, very environamentally friendly taxi-fleet based on these...

Mats Lindborg
Mats Lindborg

Top speed ? Wether protektion ? Stability wen turning in high speed ?  

Ingemar Lindahl
Ingemar Lindahl

Now, finally, we're getting somewhere. And at the right level, economically and environmentally. My only question is: What happens when the north winds come in from the side, at 20 degrees below zero?