The problem with the car industry

I often say that the car industry faces two problems, the 95% problem and the 96% problem.   The 95% problem is a great illustration of how wasteful everyday transportation is since most of the energy consumption relates directly to weight (rolling resistance and deceleration losses) The 95% problem is that the driver (yes, we…

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Holiday Greetings from Clean Motion!

As we look forward to a few days of rest in the holiday season it is also time to reflect on 2014. It has been another amazing year for Clean Motion and really the year when we finally saw Zbee in operational use not only in Europe but also in Asia. The customer base is…

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Summer heat and cool customers!

This summer took its grip of Sweden and you could really feel the heat! Now we have a very exciting fall ahead of us, with lots of things happening! We have worked hard to keep up with all inquiries from around the world! At Clean Motion we have new customers in Sweden, Europe and Asia. We…

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