Welcome to the world of Zbee!

Using 1,5 ton of vehicle to transport 80 kg of goods doesn’t make sense in today’s world where environmental awareness is increasingly recognized.

I have spent many years thinking about how to improve personal transportation. It is inevitable that energy efficiency must be dramatically improved.  The car is the perfect and most flexible tool to take the entire family going to the mountains skiing. However, this is a task that is very rare. The most common way to use a car is by a single driver going to work.

We need to rethink the mode of transportation we use and how and when we use it.  The choices for transportation is very limited today. For many people the car is the most practical choice available.

I am convinced that there is room for a product between a bicycle and a car. A small, agile vehicle that offers protection from the elements and comfort but still uses a very limited amount of energy. Clean Motion is all about creating such a vehicle. Welcome to the world of Zbee!

Göran Folkesson


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