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Proud to present Zbee Generation 3

We at Clean Motion were extremely happy when we launched our generation 2 of the Zbee in the beginning of 2012. When working with a completely new vehicle concept where there are no previous experiences it is very important to thoroughly test the vehicles, carefully listen to the drivers and keep an open mind on all aspects of the design. We realized that while Gen 2 was a really good vehicle, with some modifications it had the potential to become a truly great product.

Those modification ended up as a re-design of our vehicle that dramatically improved the looks although the basic idea still remained the same. The largest component is our composite body, which now has a completely new core material that performs even better than we could imagine. On top of that, we have fine-tuned about everything from tires to seat cushions and the handle bar. We also managed to further reduce the already record low energy consumption. Driving our Zbee is a great experience. Forgot something at work? No problem, Zbee is so nimble it turns on a dime.

Zbee uses the full potential of the Li-Ion battery powered drive train through its extremely lightweight composite body and straightforward solutions in the component architecture, it’s what we call lean, clean and safe. We have built in 3-point seat belts in all seats to make your ride as safe as possible. Your cruising speed will be up to 45km/h even if you rarely will be able to use all power during rush hour. The battery now lasts for 50km and charging is easy, all you need is an ordinary outlet. No need for costly special charging infrastructure like the heavy electric cars. When parking Zbee all you have to do is pull the lever and lock it with the key and the wheels will be instantly fixed in its position.

We are proud to present Zbee Gen 3. A vehicle tailor made for the urban lifestyle in a super efficient and sustainable way.

Delivery for new orders in September 2013.

Göran Folkesson



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