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Zbee in Jakarta

We are happy to announce that Clean Motion Asia Private Limited is up & running. Our office to manage the Southeast Asian market is located in Singapore.

We are at the same time starting up our first Asian production in Banyu Wangi, East Java, Indonesia with our partner PT. Lundin Industry. Clean Motion is currently building vehicles in Sweden in full scale production and our Indonesian plant will go operational later this year. As a next step, additional production facilities are planned for Jakarta.

Right now we have dialogues with several potential partners worldwide. We are delighted to read all interest inquiries from Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Nepal, Japan, Middle East, several parts of Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Mexico, San Francisco, New York among others.

I must say that I am impressed by all smart people coming up with all kinds of ideas on how to use Zbee. My favorite though, is the brilliant idea to transport tourists from Caribbean Cruises, doing Zbee tours at the islands. I hope this business idea will be real soon.

Finding the right partners is crucial for us and therefore it is difficult to tell when Zbee will be available in different parts of the world.

There are several factors we include in our market analysis like the existing infrastructure, climate, current mode of transportation and not least important the legislation regarding vehicle type approval. As for now, we have European Whole Vehicle Type Approval for the Zbee.

We will send out newsletter where we will write about our expansion plan, feel free to sign up for newsletter at our Clean Motion front page.


Jenny Stenbeck

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