Zbee – WWF Climate Solver Award winner 2013

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Yesterday was a big day for Zbee.

Göran Folkesson, CEO for Clean Motion went to Stockholm to receive the WWF Climate Solver Award 2013.

We would like to thank WWF for this fantastic recognition! It is such an honor to receive this award.

Even though everyone working at Clean Motion are convinced that our Zbee is the most energy efficient vehicle on the global market today, nothing will actually change until more people starts knowing about our Zbee, its superiority and also start using it.

This is a huge step for us in the direction of getting more people to understand what our product is all about. We all need to do what we can to avoid the path we now going towards; a 4 degree centigrade warmer planet. (If you have the time, feel free to read “Turn down the heat” an interesting and horrifying article written by the Worldbank group). Transportation is responsible for a large part of this.

We hope that this recognition will inspire more people to rethink their choice of transportation, when and where we use it.


Jenny Stenbeck


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