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Zbee on the streets of Gothenburg

There has been a lot going on at Clean Motion recently!

Not only are we starting to see Zbee on the streets in Sweden – we are going one step further in globalization. We are now almost up and running in New Delhi, India. We are excited to have and welcome our new colleagues under the supervision of Country Head Anil Arora. You will find his details under contact section.

Within the Swedish Energy Agency – India Sweden Innovation Accelerator Project, we are now working to explore the possibilities on how to adapt Zbee to the Indian market and grow as a sustainable business.

Here is a more thorough explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfMHM297X_A

Here is the Zbee presentation within the project:


If you cant get enough and want to read more on what´s happening around Clean Motion you can read our latest Zbee Newsletter by clicking the link below:


Until next time!

Christoffer Sveder

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