Summer heat and cool customers!

This summer took its grip of Sweden and you could really feel the heat! Now we have a very exciting fall ahead of us, with lots of things happening!
We have worked hard to keep up with all inquiries from around the world! At Clean Motion we have new customers in Sweden, Europe and Asia. We are also proud to finally announce our collaboration with IKEA Indonesia showing an IKEA Zbee.
Zbee was also featured at Clean Tech Forum in Stockholm this May where the streets of Södermalm were filled with Zbee as it provided shuttle service during the event.

In September Zbee started in the Oresund Electric Car Rally, OECR, for its first rally ever. However, the tradionalists running the rally would not allow us to compete since it was a ”Car Rally”. So we agreed to participate in the rally without an official result. We congratulate the most efficient car driver who used a VW e-Up. The winner consumed 112Wh/km. That’s really impressive driving. Our consumption? Well, unofficially, we used slightly more than 41Wh/km, 2 persons and luggage, so our consumption was almost 3 times better than the winner.

Another great news is that Zbee now can go even further! You can now choose a 50% larger battery capacity as an option and then you can travel up to 75 km in one charge!
At Clean Motion we always have a lean approach in everything we do, we think that it’s the key factor to enable truly sustainable transportation. Zbee is the perfect example of an urban vehicle made for the 21st century, where simplicity meets the best available technology to create the most efficient vehicle.

Let the future begin, pure electric.


/Göran Folkesson, CEO and Founder


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Pictures from a couple of customers in Sweden and the first IKEA Zbee!



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