It strikes me every time.

Hi, my name is Jörgen Johansson!
I’m up next and want to share a short insight.

Last week I was visiting our assembly plant in Faridabad, India. As always when you travel around the globe you notice how different the planet is, no matter where you go, no place is the same.

This is particularly true for me when I travel to India. Culture is one thing, but the air quality in Delhi compared to Trollhättan in Sweden is the most noticeable thing I get struck by every time I’m there. The smog is all over and it has grown into a huge problem. I really believe that what we’re doing will have a positive effect for Delhi in the long run.

My main reason for the trip was to meet some of our suppliers and discuss the further development of our assembly plant with my Indian colleagues.

Below is a picture showing two new Zbee leaving the assembly plant sent into operation!

/Jörgen Johansson
Global Manufacturing Manager, Clean Motion AB

Zbee being shipped from Indian manufacturing facility to domestic customers.
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