Zbee parked next to bicycle parking.

Still towards a sustainable future!

There has been a long time since we posted anything here! We have grown as a company over the last coupe of years, and we have progressed in our vision to make it possible for everyone to ride sustainable, whether using Zbee as a service or for personal use.

We are now re-launching the blog, posting insights from Clean Motion every week from the people who strive to make this future possible. The posts will address things that we encounter in the moment, but also on the discussion of global trends and challenges in the transport sector. The purpose is to highlight and accelerate the transformation on how we transport our selves and move around in urban areas.

There will be no postings on news regarding product releases and/or company announcements. The blog will be a personal window into the daily activities and all the fantastic stuff we are going thorough.

With this post, I just want to say thank you for supporting us so far!
Welcome to the re-launch of the Clean Motion blog!

The picture above is our northernmost customer, Ume Eco Ride, in Umeå, Sweden. (I´m personally loving the color on the Zbee and their Facebook page has ice-cold videos of Zbee on it.)

/Christoffer Sveder, Sales and Marketing

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