Zbee on public streets

The beauty in early morning commute!

Every day I drive Zbee back and forth to work and would like to share the feeling of a sustainable ride while keeping the freedom of your own schedule. I have roughly 28km one-way and have been going throughout the winter season in Sweden, without any troubles. I compare the time commuting with public transportation and Zbee is a little bit faster. The biggest difference is that I have the comfort to choose when to leave with no need not to wait anywhere.

The feeling of making a difference strikes immediately as I get into Zbee and within seconds I’m off!

I´m quick and agile as I hit the morning traffic; the city pulse is vibrating through me and I feel connected to my surroundings while still protected from the outside conditions. The reaction from my fellow commuters is enthusiastic as they smile and gives the thumbs up. Arriving roughly 45min later I am always alert, happy and ready to kick start my day. There are several reasons why I feel this way; I´ve made a difference, I got excluded from the road taxes and the cost of driving was just €0.3.

But is Zbee allowed to drive everywhere?

Yes, and no. Zbee has the same rights/obligations as any scooter going 45km/h (EU class L2e). This means that Zbee can drive on all public roads except highways. So

/Jonas Boström, Mechanical Engineer and Zbee commuter.

Zbee driving on the road in Sweden, surrounded by trees on both sides of the street

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