Test driving Zbee in Brisbane

Simplicity, the key to connect with you.

One of our main design goals at Clean Motion is simplicity, thus making Zbee simple, robust and intuitive to use as possible. Zbee consists of just 270 parts and it wouldn´t without this philosophy.

In a world where we end up with complex solutions due to technological development instead of actual use cases, it is not always easy to motivate and sell the concept of simplicity.

Having worked many years in the automotive industry, I know that the goal has been to provide a driver comfort that surpasses the comfort of a living room with TV, radio, internet, pre-conditioned cabin, follow me home lights etc. We want it all in our vehicles, and the automotive industry is pushing it. When autonomous driving will be available this would also be nice too. I agree that all these features are tempting and nice to have if a considerable time will be spent in a vehicle.

By simplicity, we do not intend austere, but rather think through all steps and implement multipurpose design. From a tough and complex requirement specification, Clean Motion put effort into finding the simple solution, which in many cases can be much more difficult than just making it cluttered and complicated.

As an example, let us take a look at the design development of future instrument dashboards. The initial requirement could be to have a high-resolution graphic screen with a rear camera, Internet connection, navigation, logging feedback and voice control which also, of course, needs to be IP classed.

Instead of designing all of this there could be a small permanent display, as we are already carrying the rest of the technology in our pocket, inside our phones.

This will make Zbee connect with you. Even when next technology leap is taking place.

/Jesper Martaeng, Technical Director/CTO

Under the hood of Zbee, fewer parts, simple to assemble.

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