Zbee cargo outside Clean Motion office in Sweden

Smart city deliveries

We believe the future of logistics should be, minimal resources, high efficiency and clean energy. We clearly see new expectations and demands on delivery services and logistics. Not only an increase in express deliveries due to the increase of e-commerce, but also the needs for environmentally friendly solutions as city centers are shutting down for regular traffic.

The idea is to offer vehicles that are tailor-made for smart city deliveries and the possibility to carry or deliver your cargo, having minimal impact on the environment while doing so. Our vehicles have access to ZbeeConnect, which includes fleet management that gives operators efficient route planning possibilities to make it possible to optimize and conduct even smarter deliveries.

Food & package delivery, caretakers, janitors, the area of use is broad and the possibilities many with Zbee Cargo!

We want to provide sustainable transportation solutions, with small, lightweight electric vehicles, for short distance transports. Where the vehicles are part of a transportation system that is connected and integrated for overall optimization”
– Göran Folkesson, CEO, and founder.

Prime specs for Zbee cargo:
Weight: 280kg
Range: Up to 80km
Capacity: 200kg/1m3
Max speed: 45 km/h

Zbee cargo dimensions

Complete Zbee specification here! 

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