Zbee micro-factory


We want to use the design philosophy of Zbee in its own creation. Simplified flow, few manufacturing steps and easy assembly. We wanted a process that easily could be transferred and replicated as a natural step when entering a new market. The Zbee is based on an enclosed self-supporting body made out of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) in a sandwich structure. As the vehicle consists of only 270 parts, the assembling can be made locally in our micro-factories.

This will not only bring the assembly of the vehicle closer to our customers but also create jobs and benefit from local production advantages and knowledge. The concept also ensures that every factory provides all parts of the vehicles lifecycle as production, sales and aftermarket always stay close at hand no matter where you brought your Zbee.

Clean Motion has a “glocal” and lean distribution strategy. By “Glocal” we mean that our product offering is global but the execution is local. 

With a centralized distribution system and local assembly we have created a lean, scalable and efficient echo- system for the manufacturing of the Zbee. Clean Motion has started a collaboration together with Siemens and Virtual Engineering to implement this concept. To do this as efficient as possible, a digital master factory will be developed with Siemens software. This digital master factory will enable adaptions and optimization of production flows.

“This digital strategy also mean that we will be able to collect information about manufacturing and vehicles to ensure that no matter where in the world, we always build our vehicles with the same high quality.”

–       Göran Folkesson. CEO, Clean Motion.

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