What if..?

…you never have to charge an electric vehicle? 

…you never have to find a parking spot or look for one when you are on the go?

…I said that I could offer this to you?

Imagine a fleet of energy efficient electric vehicles in the city that you never have to think about. They re-park and charges themselves, as they’re semi-autonomous they re-positions themselves so that they’re always arranged in the most optimized way in relation to each other. The solar panels on the top will have them totally disconnected from the power grid and get all the power needed from the sun. The technology to enable this is super exciting, and I know this future will arrive, but not quite yet.

And in the meanwhile, we need to work with what we got. We are in desperate need clean and sustainable solutions now!

We can’t sit around and do nothing while we wait for these super future technology disruptions that we all so much want to see come true. (Except for flying, battery powered robottaxis, as lifting batteries in the sky isn’t very aligned with current laws of physics.)


What I want to emphasise is that it’s not technology itself that’s the problem here. It’s current overbelief of rapid technology disruptions that magically will solve every real problem that exists.

“The fundamental problem is actually very, very simple.”

Transportation today uses a lot of unnecessary energy and resources for doing the job it is supposed to. Driving your car to the grocery store, 10 minutes away is more like using a big tractor as a lawn mower in your backyard.

Generally speaking – 95% of the energy needed to transport a human being in a car is used to move the damn car. You could also convert it to the money spent on gas in a regular car. Like you fill the tank for 50EUR – then 47,5EUR is the cost of moving the car.

Electric cars by all means but 100kWh to go 500km? To what cost, when batteries are emitting 200kgCO2/kWh at the production, does it make sense?

“This is nothing but waste of resources and we have to stop this. I think the key thing is that; it’s too damn cheap too fuck around with energy and resources. “

That of course translates to emissions, which is the core issue that we’re facing. Because the planet and the sea level doesn’t wait for flying battery robot taxis or magic teleportals.

Let’s keep on innovating, but don’t let that blindfold us for solutions that’s already here!

/Christoffer Sveder

This article was first published on LinkedIn

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