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revolt, electric drive, power by the sun

Making energy autonomous electric vehicles possible using solar power.

Last year we announced that we started the development of our new electric delivery van, called Re:volt. Since we announced Re:volt to the public back in September of 2021, we have been focusing all our efforts on product development and engaging with potential customers and partners with diverse transport needs. An electric delivery van that…

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The Re:volt, electric delivery vehicle in a warehouse being loaded with wares for a sustainable last-mile delivery.

EV & Cleantech news site features Re:volt

Renewable energy scientist and EV enthusiast Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai recently made a news publication and analysis about our latest last-mile delivery Re:volt. The article was published on, a news site focused on cleantech, electric vehicles and solar energy. The concept of energy efficient electric vehicles with integrated solar panels The article is based around…

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