eMobility Labs

Time to act.

The whole world is facing major challenges in transforming to new and sustainable mobility. For the automotive industry, it is to ramp up the development of electric vehicles and for the transport sector to offer sustainable solutions. In many cases, the transformation is requiring a complete disruption of both business models and product design.

Here to help.

At Clean Motion we´ve seen it coming during the past years; the need for expert knowledge in e-mobility and sustainable transport. It´s been a steady increase in requests on everything from new mobility concepts to feasibility studies and fleet optimization. We see this as a great opportunity where we can share our knowledge and unique experience from the development of electric vehicles and new business models on urban mobility for 10+ years.

Progressive flexibility.

The business area #eMobilityLabs will provide the market with our expertise. This will enable customers to utilize the Clean Motion competence and for Clean Motion to grow the development organization to support both in-house and external projects.

Key areas:

– Electric vehicle concept studies and prototypes
– Technical expertise in electric vehicles, batteries, charging, etc.
– Project management
– Business development urban mobility and electric vehicles
– Energy efficiency
– Homologation
– Production planning and simulation
– Lightweight design
– e-Drivetrain optimization
– Vehicle architecture

Let’s get to work.  #eMobilityLabs

Get in touch at eMobilityLabs@cleanmotion.se




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