Zbee India

Zbee India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Motion AB Sweden. Looking to bring clean mobility to urban areas in India through operation of clusters, sales and distribution of electric vehicle fleets across India.

Two Zbee's parked next to a tourist landmark in India

It has to date, assembled and distributed Zbee’s to Clean Mobility Solutions and sold Indian assembled Zbee’s to various buyers in India and abroad. Notable among them are premium Hotels In Jodhpur, Retailers in Bangalore and distributors in Japan, South Africa, Lebanon and The UK.

We are currently fund raising to set up more Micro Factories in India to locally manufacture and distribute the Commuter and Cargo versions of the Zbee.

The Zbee Cargo versions are to be introduced along with the commuter version in India, targeting the quick commerce segment of the Indian Market.

The company is currently in discussions with established players in Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, Europe And South Africa for setting up a distribution and sales network.

We are actively inviting stakeholders to set up distribution and sales channels initially across North India

For Investment Opportunities: anil.arora@cleanmotion.se

For Sales and Distribution opportunities: pankaj.kumar@cleanmotion.se

India Opportunities

Zbee is designed to meet the needs of first and last mile connectivity in most Indian cities.

According to RITES Traffic surveys in Delhi-NCR, 72% of residents, who are not using Public Transport currently, are willing to shift if quality feeder system is available.

“India has 6 million 3W, providing 20% of all motorized passenger rides and 71% of the trips are less then 5%.” – Mckinsey

According to a World Health Organization Report, India is facing an acute Air Pollution issue. Delhi is the worst among 1,600 cities around the word. The report further highlighted that 19 of the 20 most polluted cities are from South Asia, where 13 Indian cities are amongst the world’s 20 most polluted.

The electric vehicle Zbee, promises to significantly improve the environment both locally and globally, through energy efficiency and zero emission mobility.

Awards and Accolades

Zbee India and Clean Motion was awarded the Parivartan awards for sustainable leadership.

Zbee received the “Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award” in October 2014. Presented by Shri Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister of Railways, Government of India.

Their motivation was: “Clean Motion has developed an innovative electric three wheeler, that helps enable Consumer Engagement towards Sustainable mobility.”

Clean Mobility Solutions

Clean Mobility Solutions is a premium feeder for first & last mile services. The entity is wholly owned by Zbee India, which manages fleet operations of the Zbee electric vehicles.

The service offers commute between; metro stations, malls, colleges, hospitals, commercial landmarks, office hubs and other key congregation points.

Passengers are charged a fixed amount. Receiving a clean, safe, convenient shuttle operated by well trained company managed drivers and supervisors. The service is supported by major advertisers and format partners like DLF malls, DLF Cyber City, Ambience Mall amongst others.

For Advertising and Leasing opportunities please contact:- shaila.grover@cleanmotion.se

Clean Mobility offers “Wet Lease” on a monthly charge to various retail, commercial and residential formats. Moreover the lease includes well trained drivers and maintenance of vehicles.

Our operation clusters are equipped with parking and charging infrastructure, such as plug-in chargers & swappable battery stations for around 25-50 Zbee’s per cluster.

Smart Cities in India

Government of India has released a list of 20 smart cities out of the 98 cities selected for the “Smart Cities Mission”.

List of the 98 selected cities for India's Smart city mission
The first 20 'Smart cities' in India

This marks a first step towards India redeveloping their urban areas, to reduce both congestion and emissions.

What is a smart city?

A ‘smart city’ is an advanced urban region in terms of sustainable infrastructure, real estate, transportation, communications and market viability. Where information technology is the principal infrastructure and the basis for providing essential services to residents.

How can Zbee support the ‘Smart City Mission’?

Zbee can play a crucial role in all smart cities by providing a Clean and Emission-Free feeder network to promote sustainable public transport in these cities.

The plan is to introduce Zbee in all the selected cities within the next 1-2 years.

Upcoming Clusters

Clean Motion plans to introduced more Zbee clusters in additional cities across India. As well as expand the service areas in Delhi- NCR.

Some of the upcoming clusters are:

New Delhi, DelhiIn Process
Noida, Uttar PradeshUnder Planning
Jaipur, RajasthanUnder Planning
Chandiragh.(UT)Under Planning
Lucknow, Uttar PradeshUnder Planning

To contributing to the electrification of India. Clean Motion will further expand the Zbee services/operations to more locations in India in the future.

For collaboration opportunities in India kindly contact: pankaj.kumar@cleanmotion.se

Want to become a Clean Motion partner in your country?

Visit our Become a Franchise Partner page or contact us at sales@cleanmotion.se

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