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Thoughts on transportation

This is a fact, and it's a tough one: We're going to have to use the resources of planet earth way more efficiently than we currently do. Earth Overshoot

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Interview with Niklas Ankarcrona

Last week the site interviewed Niklas Ankarcrona, co-founder and chairman of Clean Motion, on how he envisions the the future!

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Guest Writer: Jen from Siemens!

This blog post was first published here on the Siemens Simcenter Blog by Jennifer Schlegel Hannover Messe starts April 1 and Sweden is the partner country

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Collaboration, the new normal.

Collaboration within as well as cross industries are key to offering and developing innovative products for the future. This is something that

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Connecting people for their journey

As an electric pod manufacturer in the ever shifting transportation landscape we want to understand how the future market will look like and how we can

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We want to use the design philosophy of Zbee in its own creation. Simplified flow, few manufacturing steps and easy assembly. We wanted a process that

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Locally manufactured Zbee on Bali

The first locally manufactured Zbee is now registered in Bali, Indonesia! The interest for Zbee has been huge in Indonesia since the beginning.

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Shared electric vehicles for everyone

Having Zbee as a taxi and electric mobility solution in India, has really shown that EVs have a bright future there. Our goal is to make shared electric

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Smart city deliveries

We believe the future of logistics should be, minimal resources, high efficiency and clean energy. We clearly see new expectations and demands on delivery

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Battery Swap!

A large-scale transformation to electric vehicles is limited by high initial costs, mainly derived from relatively expensive battery technology. This

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The beauty in early morning commute!

Every day I drive Zbee back and forth to work and would like to share the feeling of a sustainable ride while keeping the freedom of your own schedule. I

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It strikes me every time.

Hi, my name is Jörgen Johansson! I'm up next and want to share a short insight. Last week I was visiting our assembly plant in Faridabad, India. As always

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Still towards a sustainable future!

There has been a long time since we posted anything here! We have grown as a company over the last coupe of years, and we have progressed in our vision to

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