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The future is here, we made it!

The day where flying cars and self zipping shoes is here! Technology advancements is rushing on in a rapid pace and we love every moment of it. As an

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The problem with the car industry

I often say that the car industry faces two problems, the 95% problem and the 96% problem.   The 95% problem is a great illustration of how wasteful

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Summer heat and cool customers!

This summer took its grip of Sweden and you could really feel the heat! Now we have a very exciting fall ahead of us, with lots of things happening! We

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Clean Motion India: Zbee Newsletter

There has been a lot going on at Clean Motion recently! Not only are we starting to see Zbee on the streets in Sweden - we are going one step further in

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Fastest golf round ever

I agree that Zbee is not your ordinary golf car. But will it still do well on the course? Well, business as usual, you don't really know until you've

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Taking Zbee to IKEA

So you might wonder, how many shelves can you carry in a Zbee? Well, you don't really know until you've tried. For some time now I've been thinking of

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Clean Motion around the World

We are happy to announce that Clean Motion Asia Private Limited is up & running. Our office to manage the Southeast Asian market is located in

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Time to Act!

Clean Motion actively takes responsibility for making the world a better place for our next generations. There has never been a greater reason to act when

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Zbee goes to Sea

One week every summer the picturesque and beautiful island of Marstrand transforms from a quiet archipelago village into a hotspot of the Swedish summer.

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Zbee has landed in Jakarta

Right now Clean Motion is in Jakarta ready to launch our Zbee, designed for tomorrow’s city traffic. Our Zbee is quiet, gives off no exhaust fumes and its

Proud to present Zbee Generation 3

We at Clean Motion were extremely happy when we launched our generation 2 of the Zbee in the beginning of 2012. When working with a completely new vehicle

Welcome to the world of Zbee!

Using 1,5 ton of vehicle to transport 80 kg of goods doesn’t make sense in today’s world where environmental awareness is increasingly recognized. I have

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Dispelling the myths

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about electric vehicles. Let's delve into some of the most common questions that arise.

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