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An update from Clean Motion’s CEO, Göran Folkesson

I envision a 100 cities in Europe, where street noise and soot have been replaced by birdsong and clear air to breathe.

An update from Clean Motion’s CEO, Göran Folkesson

This week, New Delhi had a temperature of 49.2, while the European Union presented statistics showing that emissions are now back at higher levels levels than before the pandemic. The economic growth is still driving the emissions to increase.

Also the UN body WMO presented its annual report and Secretary General António Guterres commented: “Today’s State of the Climate report is a dismal litany of humanity’s failure to tackle climate disruption.”

The pace of change must be accelerated!


In the EU, the 100 cities to be climate neutral by 2030 have now been announced. The selected cities represent 14% of the EU’s population, which is a major step forward.

In Sweden, the selected climate-neutral and smart cities are:

  • Stockholm

  • Gothenburg

  • Malmö

  • Lund

  • Helsingborg

  • Gävle

  • Umeå.

These cities represents 23% of Sweden’s population.
As I said before, I see this EU project as a gigantic business opportunity for Clean Motion.

A simple calculation shows that this venture creates a need to replace 35 million cars and 5 million light trucks and vans with electric vehicles in 7.5 years! My only objection is that the planning process is far too long. This “Mission” inspired by the American Space Program is now in its third year without concrete action.


This week’s issue of The Economist is about editorial looks at India’s opportunities and challenges.

The Economist cover: May 14th 2022 issue. India's prime minister Narendra Modi driving the Swedish electric vehicle Zbee from Clean Motion. Illustration made by: Alex Fine

Illustration by: Alex Fine

The cover is decorated with a picture of Prime Minister Modi flying a Zbee over a crowd of elderly vehicles. I am proud to see Zbee was chosen as a symbol of the technological shift that can drive India into the future.

The Zbee taxi fleet in India has now been restarted and work is underway to raise capital to start local production of Zbee. In addition the project to implement the Bzzt logistics platform and App in India has resumed.


The development of our new vehicle with working name Re:volt is progressing well. There are some challenges regarding component supply, but we still find it possible to deliver the first vehicles to customers by the end of the year.

The Re:volt, electric delivery vehicle in a warehouse being loaded with wares for a sustainable last-mile delivery.

Work is now in progress to optimize the vehicle along with our partners, making it fit for their operations. I believe that we will have a very competitive offer for urban transport. And I envision 100 cities in Europe, where street noise and soot have been replaced by birdsong and clear air to breathe.

Lerum, 19 maj 2022