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Collaboration, the new normal.

Collaboration within as well as cross industries are key to offering and developing innovative products for the future. This is something that

Collaboration within as well as cross industries are key to offering and developing innovative products for the future.

This is something that has increased in the last years, where alliances, open sources initiatives and new partnerships have been forming. These might even have seen a little bit odd at first, but turned out to be a complete success in the end.

It can be seen everywhere from fusion food concepts to big fashion brands partnering up with high end designers. It´s also the slogan of this years Hannover Fair, Co-Lab, where Sweden is the partner country.

We see more and more the importance with integration and cooperation with different participants like customer and suppliers. We maximize efficency, benefits and find new innovative solutions when we work as a team in developing both methods and products.

One of our collaborations is with Siemens and for little over a year we´ve been working together where we have digitalized the entire Zbee in Siemens PLM system, Teamcenter. We now have a digital twin that everyone can gather around and continue develop, communicate and collaborate with. We have not only digitalized Zbee but also developed our digital micro factory and have thus been able to simulate and optimize layout for optimal flow together with our colleagues and suppliers in India.

Through our collaboration with Siemens, they asked us to join them to show show case our progress at the Hannover Fair which this year is from 1-5 April. We will demonstrate how we have digitalized our product and micro factory live in their booth.

We are very enthusiastic about this opportunity to show both a Zbee for a large number of people (+200.00 visitors) and also be able to demonstrate the advanced working methods that we have implemented in our digitization!

There will be physical Zbees at the fair as well as digitally and virtually where it is demonstrated by Clean Motion and Siemens in the “Digital Factory” area (hall 6) booth J30 under the Siemens PLM Software umbrella.

And of course, there will be a Zbee in the big Swedish Energy Pavilion as well, as it’s now thanks to Bzzt, in a way synonym with how to get around Stockholm city center!