Re:volt – urban transportation powered by the sun.

The Re:volt vehicle in a warehouse being loaded with wares for a sustainable last-mile delivery.

The Re:volt vehicle in a warehouse being loaded with wares for a sustainable last-mile delivery.

We started Clean Motion ten years ago because the automotive industry isn’t doing enough in the shift towards sustainable transportation. And because we were convinced we could do it better. Since then, we’ve put all our efforts into creating the world’s smartest electric vehicles: Small, light, and efficient – with maximal usability and minimal need for expensive batteries.

We’re now presenting our second product Re:volt. A small, strong, and modular delivery van, developed to meet the huge demand for sustainable last-mile transports in cities. The new solar panel roof makes it energy-efficient enough to eliminate the need for charging when the sun is up.

The solar panel roof of the electric delivery vehicle Re:volt

The Re:volt electric delivery vehicle with solar panel roof.

What is the Re:volt?

Efficient and innovative solar panel roof that adds up to 100 kilometers extra range per day.

Small on the outside but big on the inside. All dimensions are standardized and tailored to fit goods All dimensions are adapted for standardized goods handling.

High load-carrying capacity in relation to the low vehicle weight. Re:volt uses the energy to transport the goods, rather than the vehicle itself.

Flexible platform that is adaptable to the area of use. For example, the battery range can be set from 70 to 280 kilometers, a total of up to 380km in ideal conditions.

Pre-ordering is now open. Expected production starts in autumn 2022.

Full specifications of the revolt vehicle

All dimensions can be customized to the needs of your organization.

Join us!

We’re looking for pilot customers to help us optimize the vehicle to be the best urban delivery vehicle. Let us know if you have an interesting case.

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