Re:volt – The solar powered electric delivery van.

Re-volt, the energy efficient solar powered electric delivery van

An electric delivery van that charges itself with the help of the sun.

Re:volt is an ultralight and energy-efficient delivery vehicle, equipped with highly efficient IBC cells, that adds approximately 100 km extra range per day.

Solar range of Revolt based on solar irradiation around the world

As it is capable of charging itself when the sun is up, it minimizes the need for charging infrastructure.
Extending both the vehicle’s range and battery lifetime.

Re:volt specifications & features

The general information of the re:volt. Containing specifications, dimensions, performance, options, features and road map of the development of Revolt.

Commercial pilots will start in the second half of 2022.

We will start our commercial pilots together with our partners later this year. Making Re:volt ready for a full-scale rollout on the European market in the beginning of 2023.

If you have an interesting use-case or want to learn more about Re:volt, contact us by submitting the form below.

Key features of Re:volt

– Flexible range with customizable battery capacity (2,5-10kWh).

– The cargo space comes with hot or cold storage options. With a volume of 2.5 cubic meters and can carry a load of about 350 kg.

– Re:volt uses the energy to transport the goods, rather than the vehicle itself. Because of the high load-carrying capacity in relation to the low vehicle weight.

– The van is small on the outside, but big on the inside.

– All dimensions are tailored to fit standardized goods handling.

– Re:volt is a modular electric delivery van adapted for multiple areas of use.

Different versions of Revolt, the electric delivery van. Optimized for different logistical and transportation use-cases.

Low weight wins.

The low weight and energy consumption of Re:volt (approximately 4kwh/100km) makes it possible to eliminate 95% of the CO2 emissions, compared to conventional electric vehicles. Reducing the costs related to the vehicle while contributing to cleaner cities. 

Making Re:volt the ideal partner for truly sustainable last-mile deliveries.

The weight of electric cars compared to the weight of the Re:volt EV, the Mercedes E sprinter weights: 2769 kg,, polestar 2 weights: 1900kg, Renault Kangoo E-tech weights:1607kg and the Re:volt weights only 250kg.

” People are realizing that it’s not enough to replace a fossil fuel vehicle with an electric vehicle of the same size. In terms of life cycle emissions, it will at best give us a 30% CO2 reduction. With Re:volt, Clean Motion offers a solution that has 90-95% lower CO2 emissions.”

Göran Folkesson, CEO at Clean Motion

Solving the last-mile challenges of our century.

The electric mobility revolution is creating both opportunities as well as challenges all over the world. But if it’s not done right, we’ll never reach the climate goals and targets.

On a larger scale, its not enough to simply replace conventional vehicles with electric ones. We need to re-think and design vehicles that consume energy sparingly. In comes Re:volt!

Revolt electric delivery van, being loaded with boxes on a walking street in Italy, for a sustainable last-mile delivery

Re:volt – Optimized for last-mile urban deliveries.

We are suggesting a more energy efficient and affordable mobility solution, that meets the delivery and transport needs of the 21st century.

Re:volt, does not emit any sound or harmful tailpipe emissions, due to the electric drivetrain.

And thanks to the compact design, Re:volt can transit on narrow roads and places where most conventional vans struggle. Making it ideal for urban environments.

Re:volt electric delivery van in a warehouse being loaded with wares for a sustainable last-mile delivery.

We are on a mission to make sustainable mobility available for everyone

In order for us to meet the growing demand for sustainable last-mile transports in cities around the worlds. We offer our electric vehicles to global markets through a Micro Factory/License offering.

By manufacturing our vehicles in local markets. It is possible to eliminate expensive shipping costs, minimize the design changes and enable low capital and operating expenses, required for switching to electric fleets.

Pre-order opens this summer

We will start accepting orders of Re:volt in Europe by the summer. Production will initially take place in Trollhättan, Sweden. Depending on option and performance, the price will range 9,000 and 19,000 EUR. We will also offer Re:volt through our Glocal partnership program/Licensed manufacturing for global markets.

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