“Glocal” – Flexible manufacturing at our core

One of our core values at Clean Motion is to have a lean distributed production. The heart of our philosophy is to have a global product and manufacturing process that can easily be adopted for different local scenarios and markets. To support this we have developed an agile “Glocal” manufacturing and logistic process. By “Glocal” we mean that our product offering is global but the execution is local.

Our first factory in Sweden is our Master-Factory, this is where we test-build all new products and run pilot and pre-series production. This is also the a global training centre for key personel in our organization.

All process are developed, tested and verified in our Virtual Master-Factory, the digital twin, that we are implementing together with Siemens.

The Micro-Factory

The Clean Motion Micro-Factory needs to be flexible to adopt to different market, volumes, buildings, etc. and for that we have defined three levels according our experience and our discussions with potential Micro-Factory partners in different markets.

The Micro-Factory consists of Assembly line, composite body manufacturing and Zbee specific tooling.

We are providing three different Micro-factory setups, level 1, 2 and 3. The lowest level 1 is a final assembly plant and will be supplied with glued complete bodies and kits with assembly parts. The investments in special tools are very low at this level and the minimum surface required is less than 100 m² factory floor.

The level 2 factory is supplied with ready made body parts, and in addition to a level 1-factory, has the need of in body-fixtures to be able to glue the Zbee GFRP-body.

The level 3-factory is a full body manufacturing and assembly unit.

The Process

Our manufacturing process is designed to be easily adapted and comprehendible to make the implementation of a Micro Factory, an ‘out of the box’-solution for any new market around the globe.  The process based on the same principles as everything at Clean Motion, which results in a simplified flow, few steps and easy assembling.

The production is divided into two separable units; The Body Shop and the Assembly Shop. The requirements on facilities as well as competences of the staff are different for these units.

  • The Body Shop

The composite body is key to the Zbee light-weight and strength. The design, materials and manufacturing process are uniquely developed for Zbee and Micro-Factories.

The Body Shop makes the light-weight body panels. It consists of 8 parts of sandwich fiberglass (GFRP) components that are molded and then glued together into one solid, monocoque structure.


  • The Assembly Shop

This is where each Zbee comes to life. All components are delivered to the assembly shop and is put together by trained professionals. This includes drive train, battery, body, chassi components, Zbee software and at the end the vehicles is checked and test drived before delivered to customers.

The Distribution

We believe that the distributed manufacturing is key for Zbee implementation. It will provide close connection to our markets and customers. Create local jobs and optimize distribution and transports.

Local manufacturing provides political, labour and trade benefits. Many countries put high tariffs on imported vehicles, in India it is even 130%. Since Zbee manufacturing is rather labour intensive it is very important to align the cost of the product with the country salary level. Finally, aside from creating a very green product locally the potential for local employment will be an irresistible offer for many Mayors around the world.

The Micro-Factory is our second product and important for sustainable growth of Zbee around the globe. It enables a quick start-up on different new markets at a low cost. The global process will enable us to ensure that each Zbee is produced according to the same quality standards and we are able to quickly implement changes and optimize in the complete micro factory network.


This page will be continuously updated with information.



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