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Urban electric vehicles

Are you looking to electrify your fleet and scale your delivery and service in urban areas? Then we are the partner for you.

Last mile delivery vehicle ready to order

Access all the details from the EVIG launch event.

The power of efficiency

Electric vehicles alone will not solve the problem.

The solution is spelled energy efficiency. Utilising electric vehicles is a given. However, in order to succeed with scaling an electric vehicle fleet for urban transport, it needs to be energy efficient. From production to vehicle usage, energy efficiency is the core of our company.

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Newest vehicle release

EVIG is our latest electric vehicle for urban transport and service businesses. The vehicle is designed and engineered to support the scalability of your fleet, both environmentally and financially. The vehicle is lightweight with an electric drivetrain, solar panels on the roof, and a modular cargo space to meet different types of delivery needs.

Evig vehicle


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Cargo volume
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Key specifications

0-23g CO₂eq/km

Emissions per kilometer range from 0-23 g CO₂ eq/km, at 0 emissions, the electricity is 100% solar powered. At 23 g CO₂ q/km emissions, EVIG is 5 times more energy efficient than a conventional electric vehicle.

1.9-2.7t CO₂eq/km

Emissions in manufacturing vary depending on the size of the battery and other custom choices such as cargo space shelving. This amounts to roughly 10 times fewer emissions than the manufacturing of a conventional electric vehicle.


Energy consumption excluding cargo weight varies between 0-4 kWh/100km, at 0 the electricity is 100% solar powered. This is equivalent to roughly 20% of the energy consumption of a conventional electric vehicle excluding cargo.
The details
Evig vehicle in rocky landscape

EVIG - It's eternal

EVIG, meaning eternal in Swedish, is uniquely lightweight due to a minimum number of components and resource efficiency throughout the production process. The interior cockpit is designed to create a comfortable work environment for drivers, while the volume of the cargo space is maximised and modular to cater to different delivery needs.

  • Efficient

    Designed to be lightweight with maximised cargo space to minimise energy consumption and costs while maximising utilisation.

  • Connected

    Connected to help you keep track, maintain and optimise your fleet over time. A necessity for commercial vehicle fleets today.

  • Solar-powered

    Charged with the help of the sun, our vehicles can reach energy autonomy. Minimise your dependency on the grid.

Our mission

Providing sustainable urban transport

Our mission is to offer truly sustainable vehicles for cities, based on energy and resource efficiency, built locally, to maximise global EV adoption. We believe in combining modular design with purposeful engineering to help our customers scale their businesses without drastically impacting their carbon footprint.

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Latest news

Close up of vehicle
2024 JUNE

EVIG Gains European Type Approval

Clean Motion has announced that they have received the WVTA-certificate (Whole Vehicle Type Approval) for the company's solar-powered vehicle EVIG. The vehicle is now approved for road traffic registration and sale in all 27 EU member states.

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Close up of vehicle
2024 JUNE

EVIG är nu typgodkänd för den europeiska marknaden

Clean Motion meddelar idag att de fått typgodkännande-certifikatet för bolagets solcellsdrivna fordon EVIG. Fordonet är nu godkänt för att registreras för vägtrafik och säljas i samtliga EUs 27 medlemsländer.

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Close up of vehicle
2024 JUNE

Clean Motion Starts Zbee Manufacturing in Pune, India

Sofia Haby, CEO of Clean Motion: "Manufacturing Zbee under a license agreement in India aligns perfectly with our global expansion strategy. We are leading the way for the future of the automotive industry, and Zbee, the most innovative three-wheeler on the Indian market, is no exception. We view this as an essential part of our comprehensive offering."

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