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Who we are

Our story started in 2010 in Lerum, on the west coast of Sweden, with a mission to find a solution for sustainable transport in urban environments. Fast forward until now where we have both a solid understanding and proven solution for what we believe is the future of mobility. A transportation solution suited for daily use, with a vehicle somewhere between a conventional car and a scooter. Alongside significant engineering & technology advancements, our industrial design has been crafted over the years to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses with one common purpose - providing urban transport at scale.

Target problem

Conventional electric vehicles are neither energy-efficient nor financially scalable for cities. Fleet businesses are struggling to achieve profitability with sustainability. Additionally, heavy-weight vehicles cause wear on roads, tires, and brakes, all adding to air pollution and infrastructure costs.

Our vision

Urban mobility - charged by the sun

Our mission is to offer truly sustainable vehicles for cities, based on energy and resource efficiency, built locally, to maximise global EV adoption.

Target application areas

To put it a bit more complicated, we help any B2B companies who operate within the delivery business in the context of urban environments. We see a significant gap in the market for vehicles able to support these businesses in scaling their fleet sustainably - financially and environmentally. Our vehicles are designed to fill this gap.


Postal & parcel service

Postal & parcel service businesses need to minimise costs and charging time while drivers need both a comfortable work environment and a vehicle that supports a smooth loading and workflow. EVIG's charging infrastructure, cargo space, and interior cabin are designed to meet these needs.


Temperature sensitive goods

Businesses delivering cold and/or hot food or drink need to rely on their delivery vehicles to keep the goods fresh. The vehicle needs to cater to both the driver's and cargo's needs. The cargo space of EVIG can be customised to meet these needs.


Pallet service

Delivering packages or pallets of goods in urban environments can be cumbersome if you don't have the right vehicles for loading and unloading effectively.


Facility maintenance

Anyone working in facility management services such as plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, and carpenters, needs to carry equipment of different kinds. The cargo space of EVIG can be customised with shelving that meets these needs.

Want to join the mission?

In order to realise our visions we need to find the best talents. We want all our employees to feel invested in our dreams and are always on the lookout for people interested in our field. If you're interested, please get in touch.

Interested in scaling your fleet in a clean way?

Are you looking for a scalable solution for growing your urban fleet with vehicles that optimise your cargo volume without impacting energy efficiency?

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