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Evig vehicle
Price starting from
First deliveries
2023 Q1



It's eternal

It's a given that electric vehicles are the future. Based on this energy efficiency is the only way to future-proof your transport business over time. EVIG helps you stand the test of time.

The story

EVIG is our answer to the critical need for electric delivery vehicles for cities. It is optimised for last-mile deliveries in urban environments, able to carry anything from pallets and packages to post and food. For things that need to be moved in cities, with minimal impact. EVIG takes energy efficiency to a new level by having the lightest vehicle weight to cargo volume on the market. Thereby maximising utilisation while minimising energy consumption over time. Its solar panel roof, connectivity enabled services, and flexible cargo space are some of its key benefits. Carefully developed based on market needs.

Evig vehicle
Price starting from
First deliveries
2023 Q1

Key specifications

Max speed
60km/h*Possible to get as motorcycle or moped
Cargo space
Cargo weight
Solar power

0-4kWh/100 km

Energy consumption

EVIG is 5 times more energy efficient than a conventional electric car. This is due to its lightweight structure and materials. We've even gone so far as to remove a wheel to reduce its weight, this is the reason behind the tricycle model.

Conventional electric vehicle

20 kWh/100 km


0-4 kWh/100 km

1.9-2.7ton CO₂

CO₂ emission in manufacturing

EVIG generates 10 times fewer carbon emissions than a conventional electric car during manufacturing and 5 times less per driven kilometer. Minimising carbon footprint in urban environments is critical. We believe this should be a requirement for any vehicle fleet operating in this context on a daily basis.

Conventional electric vehicle

24 ton CO₂


1.9-2.7 ton CO₂

Key benefits

Our EVIG vehicle is uniquely lightweight due to a minimum number of components and resource efficiency throughout the production process. The interior cabin is designed to create a comfortable work environment for drivers, while the volume of the cargo space is maximised and modular to cater to different delivery needs.


Designed to be lightweight with maximised cargo space to minimise energy consumption and costs while maximising utilisation.


Connected to help you keep track, maintain and optimise your fleet over time. A necessity for commercial vehicle fleets today.


Charged with the help of the sun, our vehicles can reach energy autonomy. Minimise your dependency on the grid by utilising solar panels on the roof.


The cargo space is designed to be customised to different delivery needs, from refrigerated goods to pallets to tools and more.

Connected? Yes.

We believe connected vehicles are an absolute necessity for commercial vehicle fleets. Therefore EVIG will enable connectivity-related services for internal operations within our customer organisations. The fleet management tool will allow operations staff to analyse and keep track of vehicle vitals such as battery level, distance travelled, and potential alerts.

Fleet management tool (coming)

Design philosophy


From component design of nuts and bolts to battery weight to the material choices of the chassis to the thickness of the solar panel board, the EVIG vehicle is designed to be as lightweight as possible on all levels - all to maximise energy efficiency.

A car chassis
Design of EVIG

Carefully selected components

The vehicle consists of multipurpose and minimal number of components to optimise resource efficiency and minimise manufacturing emissions. The body is made of aluminium and recyclable plastics. Seats are durable, and comfortable, with integrated safety belts. The chassis is made of corrugated plastic and galvanised steel with a framework design.

Evig components

Target applications

Parcel service

Urban transport of parcels.

Last mile transport

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Facility management

Urban transport of equipment for facility management services.

Last mile transport

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Pallet service

Urban transport of pallets of different sizes.

Last mile transport

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Temperature sensitive

Ubran transport of hot and cold food or drink.

Last mile transport

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Customer segments

Did we just solve your problem?

Are you looking for a scalable solution for growing your urban delivery fleet? Interested in an energy efficient vehicle light as a feather? *Okay, maybe not as light as a feather, but extremely lightweight compared to market alternatives.

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