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Investors relations

Clean Motion offers safe and energy-efficient vehicles for a sustainable urban traffic environment. Core values: Lean, Clean & Safe

The purpose of the Investor Relations pages is to ensure that shareholders, analysts, and investors receive continuous financial information about Clean Motion AB. We strive to have an open and regular dialogue with shareholders, investors, financial analysts, customers, and the media. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about Clean Motion's share, key figures, interim reports, annual reports, general meetings, or other questions about financial information and corporate governance.
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The business today

Clean Motion AB is a Swedish company that manufactures and sells electric tricycles.

The company's vision is to develop truly sustainable products that the vast majority of the world's population can afford. Clean Motion has therefore developed the next generation of efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles to meet the transport needs of the 21st century. Clean Motion calls its development philosophy 'Lean Engineering'. The company works with multifunctional design, simplification, and lightweight strategy. Purchasing is a centralised function and very important to the global whole. The purchasing department coordinates the localisation of components and ensures that the local component supply is of the right quality.
Last mile goods delivery


EVIG is a three-wheeled vehicle, optimized for last-mile deliveries in urban environments. EVIG takes energy efficiency to a new level by having the lightest vehicle weight to cargo volume on the market. Thereby maximising utilisation while minimising energy consumption over time. It's solar panel roof, smart charging infrastructure, connectivity enabled services and flexible cargo space are some of it's key benefits. Carefully developed based on market needs.

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Last mile people transport


The company's electric vehicle, Zbee, is light and has a high efficiency and thus a very good operating economy. All development of Zbee takes place in Sweden for all of the Company's markets. Apart from occasional local variations, the vehicle development is the same. The company's product development is focused around a virtual product description with quick iterations and short decision paths.

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Licensed manufacturing

Market partner

The manufacturing strategy is based on innovation and sustainability and is based on small-scale manufacturing facilities close to the customer according to the Company's developed 'Micro-Factory Concept'. Production development coordinates and ensures that the assembly process follows the same routines regardless of where in the world manufacturing takes place. You are also responsible for training local production resources through a 'Teach the Teacher' scheme.

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Operations in India are conducted by Clean Motion AB's subsidiary, Zbee India Private Limited, where the company is the majority owner with 75.82%.

The subsidiary is responsible for all operations in the Indian market from the import of vehicle components to agreements with operators.

The vision & mission

Urban mobility - charged by the sun. Our mission is to offer truly sustainable vehicles for cities, based on energy and resource efficiency, built locally, to maximise global EV adoption.