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The share

The shares have been established in accordance with Swedish law and are denominated in Swedish kronor. There is only one type of share. The share is issued to holders and the share register is maintained electronically by Euroclear Sweden. The share capital in Clean Motion AB amounts to SEK 31 724 717,50 and is divided into 63 449 435 shares with a quota value of SEK 0.50. Clean Motion's shares are traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market as of May 26, 2016. Share price from Nasdaq First North Growth Market. First North Growth Market is an alternative marketplace operated by the various exchanges that are part of Nasdaq. It does not have the same legal status as a regulated market. Companies on the First North Growth Market are regulated by First North's Growth Market rules and not by the legal requirements for trading on a regulated market. Share name: CLEMO ISIN-code for share: SE0008216303 LEI-code: 549300C5LE1I3GKLNB17

Certified Adviser

G&W Fondkommission

Kungsgatan 3

111 43 Stockholm


There are 25,487,276 warrants of T02. Security name: Clean Motion AB TO2 Short name: CLEMO TO2 ISIN code: SE0016786529 Orderbook ID: 238389 Terms: Three (3) equity rights gives the right to subscribe for one (1) new share in Clean Motion AB. The subscription price when exercising the warrant is SEK 2.72 per share. Subscription period: November 1, 2023-November 30, 2023 Last trading day: November 28, 2023

Share owner list

The number of shareholders in Clean Motion AB on 29 Sep 2022 amounted to approx. 3,792.

Last updated: 29 Sep 2022

ShareholdersNumber of sharespercent
AB Virtual Engineering Nordic (Göran Folkesson, Niklas Ankarcrona & Mathias Jernhed)9,591,96715.1 %
The Techno Creatives Ventures AB4,775,3627.5 %
Göran Folksesson (via bolag och närstående)4,038,0766.4 %
Hans Folkesson (privat och via bolag)2,469,1623.9 %
Avanza pension2,434,1883.8 %
Nordea Livförsäkring Sverige AB1,983,3463.1 %
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring AB1,671,4982.6 %
Joel Rozada1,432,2682.3 %
Gunther & Wikberg Holding AB1,158,6831.8 %
Lennart Jeansson (privat och via bolag)1,156,5701.8 %
Övriga (c:a 3595 st)32,737,81551.6 %

Source: EuroClear