Clean Motion was founded in 2010 in Lerum, Sweden with the believes that the future of mobility is in a transportation solution that’s actually suited for our daily use, with a vehicle somewhere between a conventional car and a scooter.

We have recognized that we need to think differently and more efficiently. Our vision is to develop and manufacture truly sustainable products that the big majority of the world’s population can afford. This philosophy is based on reinventing every part of the product through multifunctional design, simplification and with a clear light-weight approach.

Our first product, Zbee, is an light electric three-wheeled vehicle that comes in two versions; with a rear seat or with a cargo space. Zbee benefits from its low weight and high efficiency to meet the transportation and logistics needs of the 21st century.

In late 2013, Zbee recieved two very prestigefull awards, WWF Climate Solver and Zennsström Green Mentorship Award. We where honored to get acknowledged by such credential organizations and we are thankful for their beliefs in the potential Zbee could have on urban mobility.

Since 2019 there is a new way for companies to tap into the vast knowledge of Clean Motion in all aspects of e-mobility development with our new business area #eMobilityLabs.

WWF Climate solver
“Climatesolver.org is a climate innovations portal developed by WWF. Our objective is to strengthen the development and wide-spread use of transformative technologies with great potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase energy access around the globe.”

Their motivation:
“Transports are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Rapidly growing demand for transportation of goods as well as people results WWF_Climate_Solver-badge_2013_200pxin steadily increasing carbon emissions all over the world. To break this negative trend there’s a need for transformation at multiple levels of our transport system, e.g. switching not only fuels but also our transportation practices. Ultralight electric vehicles (UEV) can provide this, by replacing traditional fossil fueled vehicles (e.g. cars, autorickshaw’s, tuk-tuk’s) for short, local transports and facilitating last-mile connections to public transportation systems. By at the same time switching from fossil petrol and diesel to electricity generated from renewable sources UEV’s may be an important component in a sustainable urban as well as suburban and rural infrastructure. If 25% of second-owned cars and 20% of two and three-wheel vehicles which are fossil fuelled is replaced by UEV’s such as Zbee, the annual emission could be reduced by 22 mtCO2 per year from 2023.”

Zennström Green Mentorship Awards
“The Zennström Green Mentorship Award was created by Zennström Philanthropies to support individual clean tech startups as well shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs in Sweden working to tackle climate change and create a low carbon future…. Over the course of a year, the Zennström Green Mentorship Award is offering a comprehensive business development, go-to-market and business mentorship programme for a cohort of Swedish entrepreneurs with disruptive or transformative technologies to take advantage of the commercial and business development opportunities available on the market.” http://www.zennstrom.org/green-mentorship-award/


Zbee, S132, S157 ute, GF+NZ











Niklas Zennström and Clean Motion CEO, Göran folkesson

Photo: Joey Abrait

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