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Enhancing the driver environment in last-mile delivery vehicles

To improve the driver environment for urban delivery drivers, we need sustainable electric vehicles that are safe, comfortable and affordable.

Urban delivery drivers are facing increasingly harsh working conditions, such as inconvenient weather, bad air quality, stress, and traffic related dangers on a daily basis.

Today most of the last-mile vehicles consists of different types of two-wheelers, such as cargo bikes, scooters and mopeds.

These types of vehicles do well in urban environments because of their agility, but fail to provide a safe and comfortable cockpit set up for the driver.

Driver safety and comfort of Re:volt

In our mission to create the next generation of last-mile vehicles, Re:volt was born.

Apart from optimizing the vehicle to become even more energy efficient, by reducing the weight of the vehicle and integrating solar panels on the roof.

We want to create a safe and comfortable working environment for the drivers, even when it pours.

The driver is the cornerstone in logistics, especially when it comes to the fulfillment of last-mile and home deliveries in urban environments.

Remember, that the delivery vehicle is the office of the driver and we believe that they deserve a comfortable seat and a roof over their head.

That is why with Re:volt, we are focusing on designing a more safe and comfortable driving experience, compared to other sustainable last-mile delivery vehicles.

The last-mile delivery market

The world has in just a few years seen an acceleration in the development and acceptance of sustainable last-mile delivery vehicles (LMVs) or (LMDs).

According to Business insider, The European last-mile delivery market accounted for US$ 677.0 Mn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.1% over the forecast period 2019-2027, to account for US$ 2,491.8 Mn in 2027.

Lots has to do with the targets and goals regarding sustainable mobility set by both industries and governments.

Many start-ups have since the climate revolution entered the scene with cargo bikes and micro vehicles to meet the increased demand for sustainable mobility in the last-mile.

The driver environment of Re:volt

With Re:volt we want to create a safe and comfortable driver environment for the driver.

We do this by designing a vehicle that combines the best from two worlds. Re:volt has the comfort much like a car but with the agility of a cargo bike. The enclosed cabin space is equipped with comfortable seats, roomy interior, rear view camera and an extra-large frontal window.

We take driver safety seriously, so with our combined brake system (CBS), three-point safety belt, electric parking brake and regenerative breaking, we commit to giving our drivers the best prerequisites to navigate the city safely.

Another aspect of Re:volt is its incredibly lightweight body, weighting around 350kg, which significantly reduces energy consumption and the braking distance, while enhancing maneuverability. This all contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of Re: volt.