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EV & Cleantech news site features Re:volt

Renewable energy scientist and EV enthusiast Joseph Kuhudzai recently made a publication about our latest last-mile delivery Re:volt.

Renewable energy scientist and EV enthusiast Remeredzai Joseph Kuhudzai recently made a news publication and analysis about our latest last-mile delivery Re:volt. The article was published on, a news site focused on cleantech, electric vehicles and solar energy.

The concept of energy efficient electric vehicles with integrated solar panels

The article is based around an interview that took place on a video call in the beginning of 2022, between the Commercial Director of Clean Motion, Christoffer Sveder and Mr. Kuhudzai from Cleantechnica.

The interview centered around the philosophy of Re:volt, the future of mobility and how a solar powered EV like Re:volt, proves that the concept of vehicular energy autonomy could in fact be possible.

“We focused on a vehicle that we could put solar panels on the roof that would make the vehicle potentially be energy autonomous and users may rarely need to look for an outlet to charge it.” – Christoffer Sveder

By integrating solar panels on a lightweight EV, the power generated from solar energy is used to transport the load itself instead of being wasted to carry the excess weight of the vehicle.

Light weight and energy efficiency is key

Re:volt with its weight of only 250kg, therefor significantly extends the potential driving range of the vehicle, while minimizing the need for charging.

With Re:volt, we want to create a emission free mobility solution that facilitates all the needs of what a conventional delivery vehicle could do and make the transition to an electric vehicle fleet more feasible.

There are many pieces of the puzzle that needs to fall in place before we can see an electric transition of the entire logistics and transportation sector. We firmly believe that an energy-efficient approach is a must in enabling a cost-efficient way to develop truly sustainable supply-chains, designed to meets the demand of the 21st century.

Read the full article to learn more about our mission and how Re:volt is designed to meet the mobility needs of tomorrow.