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Become your own manufacturer

Licensed manufacturing

Interested in becoming a manufacturer of Clean Motion Vehicles? Then our Market Partnership offer might be for you.

What is it?

We describe our core offering as: 'Small optimized electric vehicles, connected for efficiency in commercial fleets' because that is what's needed to tackle the challenges we are facing. To expand and create a true impact we have developed a 'Distributed Micro Factory System', which is our way to facilitate a movement of sustainable transport with massive global reach. One of our core values at Clean Motion is to have a lean distributed production. The heart of our philosophy is to offer a global product and manufacturing process that can easily be adapted for different local scenarios and markets.

Why we offer this

At the centre of the sharing economy is a better utilisation of resources, which of course also means a reduction in total sales volumes. Total reduced sales, reduced need for service and spare parts, and difficult product calculations with expensive batteries are a number of challenges for the automotive market. The need for new skills and brand-new partnerships and customers is another. For the automotive industry a revolutionary change in the business model, for us it is a natural part of the business, and soon yours too.

What you get as a licensee

Reduced production and maintenance costs are natural outcomes that derive from our simplified and modular manufacturing. Complexity tends to fail. Clean Motion offers their vehicles through a Market Partnership, where a local partner franchises (licenses) the business and gets access to all best practices, developments, and current and future products made by Clean Motion. Clean Motion will also secure and be involved in the supply chain for the Market Partner to ensure the quality of the localized components as well as act intermediator for the global sourcing.

Best-practices & developments

Current & future products

The Clean Motion brand

Quality protocols

Aftermarket procedures

The process

To have a successful rollout in the country, with a big fleet of clean vehicles operated by many in a shared economy context, joint efforts need to be taken and both governments, as well as private partnerships, have to be finalised. The end result of the full implementation project will include a complete investment requirement and should establish investments and expected returns in the areas of vehicle and vehicle manufacturing, charging infrastructure, and vehicle traffic operations.

    • NDA - Signed by Market Partner to have full disclosure
    • MPA - Manufacturing Partner Agreement, final agreement on the deal
    Initial Phase
    • Project management
    • Production planning
    • Simplification and cost optimisation of a market-adapted vehicle
    • Supply chain analysis
    • Scaling analysis
    • Business modelling
    Implementation Project Phase
    • Production facility set up
    • Local Pre-series Production CKD
    • Initial demo sales to key stakeholders
    Launch phase
    • Set-up and production trimming
    • Assembly tools and equipment's ordering
    • Type-bond tooling ordering
    • Training of personnel
    • Marketing and business development
    Trimming & Ramp up phase
    • Handing over the complete project and finalising
    • routine tasks for quality and operations
    Quality follow-up & operational excellence

We dare to do hardware. Do you?

Would you like to learn more about our licensed manufacturing offer? Reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss details.

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