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CEO Update May 23

After the intense development period at the beginning of this year, we now see a shift towards sales, and we expect to see a dramatic increase in turnover starting from the second quarter.

CEO Update March 23

I look forward to soon being able to deliver the first customer vehicles of EVIG, and my ambition remains; during the year, my goal is to achieve profitability for Clean Motion!

CEO Update November 22

We have now presented EVIG to the public, and we have recently secured financing for the future through the option program.

CEO Update August 22

During the spring and summer, we have made significant progress in development. The first solar panels have been tested, and we have also had time to do a lot of driving.

Update on Autonomus Drive

Clean Motion has started to develop an autonomous delivery version of Zbee, that is optimized for sustainable deliveries.

A big gap in a small world.

Quite recently many cities in the world has been flooded with a new way to move around in cities – it’s called e-scooters or micro mobility, and it has

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