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About board

Clean Motion's Board of Directors consists of 8 regular members and 1 deputy member, including the chairperson.. All are elected for the period until the 2024 AGM. Göran Folkesson is chairman and Lennart Jeansson, Hans Folkesson, Joel Rozada, Anna Petre, Niklas Ankarcrona, Mathias Jernhed, Sofia Haby are board members. Emma Rozada is a deputy board member och Sofia Haby is the CEO. The board and management have broad experience in the automotive industry and growth companies as well as from international sales and government processes, both in Southeast Asia and in Europe.

Board members

Göran Folkesson, born 1970

Chairman & Founder

Holdings: 4,038,076 (via company) Göran is an engineer in Automation Technology with a degree from Chalmers University of Technology. Göran started his career in electrical development at Volvo Cars and then had a 7-year period at IBM as a consultant, consultant manager and sales manager for "Virtual Product Modeling" with a main focus on the automotive industry. In 2004, Göran together with Niklas Ankarcrona founded a purely consulting company in the same field, AB Virtual Engineering Nordic. Göran then founded Clean Motion.

Other assignments: AB Virtual Engineering Europe, AB Virtual Engineering Nordic, Think Lean AB, MGNP Holding AB, AB Virtual Engineering PLM South, AB Virtual Engineering DS

Sofia Haby, born 1975

Member of the board & CEO

Holdings: 220,000 (private and via company) Sofia has broad experience from c-level management roles from several companies and industries. She has a master's in law and economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg and is also an appreciated lecturer. She has been successfully leading and managing large projects within different areas and industries. She has a broad experience and knowledge from all aspects of business life, with focus on business transformation and profitability.

Other assignments: Konsulterna i Jonsered AB, Industri Konsult i Källviken Handelsbolag, Enskild firma Sofia Haby

Lennart Jeansson, born 1941

Member (Independent)

Holdings: 1,156,570 (private and via company) Member since 2013. Master of Economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics, various positions within the Volvo Group, CEO Volvo Cars, Deputy CEO and Deputy CEO in AB Volvo.

Other assignments: Stena Sessan AB, Isofol Medical AB (publ), Dahliaqomit AB, AB Windar

Hans Folkesson, born 1950

Member of the board

Holdings: 2,469,162 (private and via company) Member since 2016 (chairman 2010-2016). Hans is CEO of Hans Folkesson AB and works as "Senior Automotive Consultant". Hans is a Licentiate in Technology at Chalmers University of Technology and a member of the Academy of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Hans has extensive experience in the automotive industry and started as a calculation engineer at Saab-Scania's Passenger Car Division and held a number of positions in R&D and production technology. In 1989, when GM bought 50% of the company, Hans was responsible for body and chassis development. In 1993, Hans was recruited to the VW group as Technical Director at Skoda and in autumn 1995 to AB Volvo as Technical Director for Volvo Lastvagnar AB. After Ford's purchase of Volvo PV, Hans became Senior VP, R&D for Volvo Cars in 2000 and after 2007, Hans has run a consulting business with a focus on electrification of vehicles and sustainability.

Other assignments: Hans Folkesson AB, BilRetur ABC AB, Testinfra Sweden AB

Joel Rozada, born 1979

Member of the board

Holdings: 1,432,268 (private & via company) Joel Rozada is the CEO and founder of The Techno Creatives, and is a serial entrepreneur focused on heavy industry applications. He believes that the world can become a better place, primarily by implementing new solutions. He started The Techno Creatives in 2006 and has since established 20 companies in 5 countries. He has extensive experience from board and management positions, both internationally and nationally. He is an investor in several successful startups.

Other assignments: Advisor: LazeraH AB

Anna Petre, born 1971

Member of the board

Holdings: 191,839 (via company) Anna has a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Gothenburg. Today Anna Petre works as CEO of Västflyg AB. Before that, she was head of the Business Legal Department at the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce and has also worked as head of Public Affairs at Saab Automotive AB.

Other assignments: Länsförsäkringar Älvsborg AB, Infracom Group AB (publ), Brunberg Entreprenad AB, Västflyg i Trollhättan AB, Retinendi AB, Sense De Rein AB

Niklas Ankarcrona, born 1975

Member of the board

Holdings: 3,934,301 (via company) Member since 2010 (chairman 2016- August 2020). Niklas is educated at KTH (1995-2000) in computer systems for design and manufacturing. Niklas started his career at IBM as technical sales support for virtual development tools for the manufacturing industry. Niklas is currently active in Virtual Engineering, which he and Göran Folkesson founded in 2004, and works as a consultant in business development for the manufacturing industry, especially for the automotive industry to optimize their product development processes.

Other assignments: AB Virtual Engineering Europe, AB Virtual Engineering Nordic, Niklas Engineering AB, MGNP Holding AB

Mathias Jernhed, born 1974

Member of the board

Holdings: 1,285,316 (private and via company) Member since 2010. Mathias is active as CEO of Virtual Engineering and as a consultant to the automotive industry. Mathias is an engineer in mechanical engineering. Mathias started his career in 1996 within ABB's Power generation segment, but since 1998 has worked towards the automotive industry as an employee within the Volvo group and as a consultant. Since 2007, Mathias has been active in Virtual Engineering in the role of consultant and since 2013 in the role of managing director.

Other assignments: AB Virtual Engineering Europe, AB Virtual Engineering Nordic, Jernhed Engineering AB, MGNP Holding AB, AB Virtual Engineering PLM South, AB Virtual Engineering DS

Emma Rozada, born 1982

Deputy Member of the board

Holdings: 1,432,268 (private & via company) Emma Rozada, born in 1982, is the COO and co-founder of The Techno Creatives, and is also a serial entrepreneur with companies launched in Sweden, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, Tallinn, and Bangkok. Product and service development is her focus and the common thread among the companies. She believes that new large-scale solutions create a better world, which is why she works towards industries that have the capacity, capital, and muscles to make changes. Emma has run companies with both venture capital and self-financing, with organic growth. She has 15 years of experience in leading companies as an operational leader, from the board, as an owner, and as an advisor.

Other assignments: Board member: LazeraH AB, Board member: Destination Invest i Göteborg AB, Advisory: Ingenjörer utan gränser, Sweden Jury Venture Cup

Board way of working

The board's work follows the board's established rules of procedure. The CEO's work is regulated by instructions for the CEO. Both work order and instructions are determined annually by the Company's board. Questions relating to audit and compensation issues are decided directly by the Company's board. The company is not obliged to comply with the Swedish corporate governance code, nor has it voluntarily undertaken to comply with it, mainly due to the company's size. All board members are elected for the period until the next annual general meeting. A board member has the right to resign from his position at any time.


The company's auditor is authorized accountant Katarina Eklund at BDO Göteborg AB. Katarina is an authorized accountant and partner, with 14 years of experience in auditing. Katarina has been employed by BDO since 2005 and is the business area manager for audit in the west region.

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